DSC_0545As surveyors, our essential job is establishing and verifying boundaries, whether these exist for legal purposes, structural purposes or government purposes. Northland Surveying provides ground-based surveying services for Kansas City’s large and small commercial and residential developers alike.

What type of survey do you need?

  • Residential Surveying
    Whether we’re helping a homeowner identify where they can place a fence post or helping real estate agents identify the actual boundaries of homes they’re selling, residential surveys are an important part of home ownership and especially home sales.
  • Commercial Surveying
    Business owners and corporations will often make significant investments in improving land that they purchase, so it’s imperative that they understand what they own and what they do not. We specialize in commercial surveying services, from land purchase through construction and on all the way to sale.
  • Boundary Surveys
    Establishment of and confirmation that a given boundary is located or established properly. These surveys are performed to gain approval for construction permits, when purchasing/selling a piece of property, during legal disputes and for many more reasons.
  • Construction Surveying and Staking
    Marking points on the ground that must be known for the construction of a given structure to be completed. The surveyor places stakes in the ground so construction teams have a reference as to where certain building structures should be placed relative to one another.


  • Engineering Surveying
    Construction of buildings, bridges, utility systems and highways requires specialized geo spatial awareness and planning. Our surveyors are specialists that work closely with design teams to make sure that buildings are being constructed to specification and that the specifications are correct.
  • Agricultural Surveying
    Agricultural surveys require the tools and know-how to check accuracy over longer distances. Since surveys are often required for the sale or purchase of land, and because one piece of agricultural land often covers many acres, it takes a true professional to get these right.
  • Flood Plain Certifications
    When building structures in areas prone to flooding, communities (and insurers) often require that minimum elevations of buildings be maintained to reduce potential damage, and that a record of such elevation is kept. We certify that homes and businesses meet these requirements.
  • ALTA Surveys
    The American Land Title Association is a trade association representing nearly 5,500 title insurance companies. We assist these companies, providing special surveys to meet the specific requirements of ALTA members.
  • Topographical Survey
    Especially in construction surveying, understanding the contours of the earth are extremely important, and can play a large role in the architecture and engineering of a given building. These surveys require especially careful detail and attention, as they inform many important construction decisions.
  • Control Surveys
    This type of survey establishes a known point, allowing surveyors to reference this point for future projects or boundary establishments.
  • Wetland Surveys
    These surveys are performed, often for the federal government, to improve conservation efforts. Usually, these help farms get compensation for non-fertile wetland on their property, and allow the government to undertake or expand its conservation efforts.
  • Complete, Full-Service Surveying
    From the research to the survey and the reporting, we take care of our customer’s every need, per his or her request. Each project is unique, and we work with our clients to determine how to meet their precise needs – after all, precision is our business.