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When buying or selling land, having a proper survey done is an imperative. A licensed, professional land surveyor marks out the exact area of land that you are purchasing or selling.

Property is a huge investment, and usually represents a significant asset whether the land is commercial or residential. Understanding the scope of the land is essential to understanding the value of the land, and in protecting it from intrusions and accusations by neighbors. A licensed surveyor helps property owners get what they pay for and keep relationships friendly between adjacent land owners.

Hiring Northland Surveying is a smart choice

Land surveyors give property owners peace of mind in knowing exactly what space they have to use, and give legally defensible opinions on the boundaries between neighbors. This way, even something as simple as building a fence or gate don’t end up causing disputes. Hiring a land surveyor is not only smart, but it’s so important that it’s legally required in many types of real estate transactions.
Land surveys give buyers justification to make a land purchase, allows the buyer to register the land and new ownership right with the county/city, gives them the tools needed to obtain a mortgage, verifies the size and extent of the property and helps avoid legal disputes associated with not having clear boundaries. This also helps potential buyers understand if others are entitled to use part of the property, what kinds of features must be maintained on the property (i.e. trees, pools, etc.) and if the original deed accurately describes the property.

Compliance is another area with land surveyors can lend their expertise. Each city, county and state has different rules for building structures, and land surveyors help property owners understand what those rules mean in relation to the buildings they’re seeking to construct. A surveyor can help protect your home or business from mistakes that violate local zoning laws, potentially making it impossible to sell or re-purpose the land in the future.

Most banks also require an updated survey when attempting to finance or refinance a land purchase. A proper survey protects their investment, meaning that all property and structures are as described in the documentation of the home or business. It also helps in cases or foreclosure, helping the bank make sure that there will be no issues should they have to resell the property in the future.

If you’re considering purchasing property or building in the Kansas City, Missouri area, contact Northland Surveying for a quote or with more questions about surveying and the process.